A tree service technician is a person that has skills and training when it comes to taking care of trees and removing pests. Most of the homeowners overlook the need to hire a professional tree service and just opt for it whenever the damage and issue have worsened to the extent of there is point of no return. Instead of doing the task, people tend to hire tree services in Rochester NY as it provides skillful technicians, specialized equipment, knowledge, and experience and to avoid injuring other people. However, as a homeowner have you asked yourself what are the different qualities a particular tree service technician should have to be hired?

Here are some tips that can help you:


You must see to it that the tree service you hire is insured. It is always best to hire a company with insurance. This will avoid any problem, most especially when something happens like damage on your property or even on their staff. A particular tree service company must also have compensation insurance to cover any injuries that their employee may have while working on your company. This will not make you liable to any compensation in case damage happens.

Credentials and License

Trusted and skilled tree service companies should have credentials and license. As a homeowner and a client, you must see to it that the company’s license is up to date and meets the necessary requirements. Since, we are fully aware that it is illegal to operate without a license. As a homeowner you must also consider which special training and certifications the company possessed before hiring them. Furthermore, you must look for credentials like International Society of Arboriculture.

Referrals and Compare services

To be a smart owner, it is always a wise move to look for the company’s reviews online to make sure that there are no major complaints, it will also help you to identify what type of work they are capable of doing. Hearing from other previous customers can help you what to expect. In addition, comparing cost services, equipment and time estimates several companies is always a smart idea. A service tree company should also provide a well detailed, written estimate of all charges. This will prevent you from incurring any surprise fees along the way.

Equipment and Employee Training

A tree service company has tools and equipment suitable for the job, but as a homeowner you have the rights to ask whether they have the equipment and the ways to use it. In addition, inquiring not just about the company’s background but also the background of the company’s employees, making sure they have certified arborists on staff and drug free company must be known by a homeowner.


You should ask ahead of time the following questions, does the company offer 24-hour emergency services? How long will it take for their company to completely finish their jobs? This can greatly vary to different companies.