One of the central objectives of the IA-IP is the translation of the latest academic research and thinking into high quality professional training for practitioners in the law enforcement, legal and business worlds. Courses are typically developed for particular professional audiences e.g. police, lawyers, crime analysts.

  • Training is provided in both the theory and practical applications of all aspects of Investigative Psychology such as Interviewing, Detecting Deception, Investigative Strategy, Offender Profiling, Geographical Profiling, the Evaluation of Legal Testimony, Fraud and the Prediction of Violence.
  • Courses on particular types and forms of criminality from homicide and sexual crime to domestic violence and burglary are also provided
  • Overall training in the key principles of Investigative Psychology is available at introductory through to advanced levels.


Participation on all courses is formally recognised by the IA-IP and many contribute directly to Continuing Professional Development requirements. Courses are typically also open to researchers, students, teachers and lecturers.

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Undergraduate/postgraduate training in criminology and forensic psychology

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