IAIP Publishing

IA-IP Publications specialises in the publication of leading academic books and texts pertinent to all areas of Investigative Psychology from social science considerations of all forms of criminality, to explorations of the policing and the investigative and interviewing processes, through to books presenting aspects of psychology and the social sciences to law students and the legal profession.

In this relatively youthful discipline, IA-IP Publications sees a key role for Edited Collections. We also publish high quality manuscripts in innovative formats such as Practitioner Handbooks; Annotated Collections of Readings, Training Manuals, Scientific Directories, Educational Guidebooks, Empirical/Data Analysis Compilations and Case File Compilations. IAIP Publishing is pleased to consider doctoral theses for publication.

To discuss submitting a Book Proposal to IA-IP Publications please email the IAIP at ia-ip@hotmail.com