Key Investigative Psychology Publications

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Below are 6 articles that give an overview of the discipline. The links at the bottom of the page contain extensive reading lists for more specialist areas.

Introduction to Offender Profiling
Donna E Youngs and David V Canter
PDF, 224kb

Offender Profiling and Investigative Psychology
David Canter
DOC, 80kb

Testing a Typology of Serial Murder
David V. Canter & Natalia Wentink
PDF, 372kb

Offender Profiling and Criminal Differentiation
David Canter
PDF, 324kb

Geographical Profiling of Criminals
David Canter
DOC, 84kb

Predicting Serial Killers' Home Base Using a Decision Support System

David Canter, Toby Coffey and Malcolm Huntley
PDF, 224kb

Reading Lists:
Core Issues in Investigative Psychology
Criminal Action
Investigative Processes
Geographic Offender Profiling