The IA-IP was established to facilitate communication between all those involved in this growing discipline and to help co-ordinate increased professionalism in training, research and practice. The emergence of Investigative Psychology over the last two decades has generated considerable interest and excitement around the world.

IP is now mapping out and systematising a wide range of social science contributions to the investigation, management and legal processing of crime and criminals, as well as contributing to civil and commercial investigation and litigation. There has been a rapid proliferation of educational programs, uptake of techniques and establishment of specialist units that draw upon IP theories, procedures and methods.

The IA-IP therefore seeks to:

  • Recognise and promote academic excellence in Investigative Psychology
  • Recognise and promote good IP practice by crime analysts, police, legal professionals, experts and other practitioners.
  • Provide formal accreditation for Professional Training courses and Educational Programmes
  • Provide a forum for professional interaction and support within the IP community
  • Co-ordinate resources for researchers, lecturer and students.
  • Facilitate the dissemination of knowledge, expertise and appropriate software tools.
  • Encourage cross-national, interdisciplinary and academic-practitioner collaboration.
  • Monitor professional standards in IP research and practice