Professional Applications (Legal)

Dr Joel Lieberman, Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The mission of the Legal Applications committee is to extend the applications of Investigative Psychology (IP) within the legal context, to encourage further collaborations between practitioners and the scientific IP communities including academics, legal practitioners, and policy makers, and to work toward the improvement of evidence presented by experts in court. More specifically, the committee shall promote the discussion of important social policy issues and the dissemination of legal decisions and legally oriented knowledge by educating the academic community on legal issues and the legal community on academic issues. Further, the committee encourages the innovative application of investigative psychology beyond the traditional criminal arena into civil litigation and matters of international human rights law, so that additional communities may benefit from insights gained from IP research.

Current Work
The committee is currently working on the collation of information on, and samples of, expert investigative psychological evidence given in court, internationally, and across a varied range of applications, for the purposes of providing illustrative examples of IP legal applications for the IA-IP membership. The information will be organized and made available to IA-IP members through the IA-IP website.