If you haven’t heard yet, it is vital to pump, clean, and maintain your septic system and septic tank. However, you’ll have to replace it eventually. Fortunately, there are some tips that you can follow to extend the life of your septic system.

Through it is advised that you always contact septic services in Fort Wayne IN if you’ve got concerns or inquiries with your septic system, it’s best to have some tips in mind. This will help you efficiently and easily improve the health and life of both your septic system and your septic tank.

Here are several tips to remember to help extend your septic system’s life:

Know What You Flush

This is common sense. However, harmful chemicals such as bleach can get rid of the healthy bacteria in the septic system. Thus, you’ve got to ensure you utilize septic-safe cleaners on your drains or toilets. In addition to that, materials such as non-biodegradable wipes, trash, feminine products, and other detritus can cause unpleasant and severe backups in the septic system. You shouldn’t flush items whenever you’re in doubt. You’ve got to throw them in the garbage bin.

Follow the Pumping Schedule

You might have heard of this tip several times. However, it is vital. You have to regularly pump out septic tanks. You should examine the records of homeownership and ensure that the tank has been cleaned and pumped in the last 5 years. You’ve got to contact a professional if that isn’t the case. Routine septic pumping is the difference between failing plumbing and a working and healthy one.

Save Water in the House

It is vital to save water on every occasion. However, this is much more particular on a septic system. The reason for this is that excess water can overload the tank or drain field. You should remind your kids to turn off the sink whenever they aren’t using it and try to avoid long showers. Also, it really helps to offer your system rest times during the day whenever there isn’t any water running to the system. It is recommended not to run washing machines or dishwashers overnight.

Perform Yearly Inspections

Hire an expert to come out at least once a year and check the septic system. This may include a drain or tank test, or it may be as simple as a visual assessment of key septic components. Still, an expert can offer you peace of mind about your septic system’s health and catch minor issues before they turn into major ones.

Do Not Drain Water into the Drain Field

You’re putting more strain on your septic system if you allow more water to flow into the drain field. You can easily prevent this by having alternative routes for runoff. You should also have animal water management, home water management, and rain management. As much as possible, you should only allow water from your property’s septic system in the drain field. Otherwise, you’ll face expensive repairs in the future if you ignore this.